Lifebrain consortium meeting and public conference in Berlin

In the beginning of November, the Lifebrain consortium met in Berlin to discuss the progress of our project. The meeting was followed by a common session with another consortium, and a jointly organized public conference. The Max Planck Institute for Human Development hosted the events in the historic Harnack House, located in Dalem, the center for academic research in Berlin.

Leader of the Silver Santé Study Gaël Chetelat and leader of Lifebrain Kristine Walhovd. 

Photo: Mikael Stiernstedt

Lifebrain meeting

Lifebrain researchers presented the status of their different studies. The topics ranged from nutrition and BMI, heavy metals in blood, sleep and socio-economic status- all related to cognitive function and brain structure. Consortium members asked questions and gave each other input. This forum was open and creative, and made us motivated for further work. The advisory board was encouraged by the progress made by our group and highlighted the unique character of the consortium- our database of longitudinal data.

Common session with the Silver Santé Study

On Tuesday afternoon the team from the Silver Santé Study (also an EU Horizon 2020 project), joined our meeting to exchange ideas and experiences. Researchers from both projects presented their work on sleep and psychoaffective factors (anxiety/depression) in ageing and dementia. The common session was finished off with a discussion on the challenges of translating associative relationships observed in longitudinal research in to health recommendations and interventions.

Public conference

The project meeting was followed by a public conference on November 6, “Brain Health across the Lifespan”. Over 140 people attended, and their feedback showed that they found it an interesting and well-organised event. The conference was jointly organized by the Lifebrain consortium, the Silver Santé Study, and the German Brain Council. Researchers from the organizers presented, as well as several prominent researchers from Germany. We have put up photos from the conference on our Facebook-page. You can find the conference programme, information about speakers and the abstracts of their presentations on our webpage.


Thanks to all for interesting discussions and valuable contributions.

The next consortium meeting will be in Oslo, March 2020.

Berlin 2019
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