Lifebrain consortium meeting in Cambridge

The Lifebrain consortium met in Cambridge to discuss paper ideas and some of the very first results of the 11 Lifebrain studies. MRC Cognitition and Brain Science Unit, Lifebrain partner at the University of Cambridge hosted the event in the ultimate academic city of Cambridge, 25-26th March, 2019.

Source: Rogier Kievit

The charming academic town of Cambridge inspired us and helped us as well to regenerate after the long meeting hours.

Source: Rogier Kievit





As usual, a public event was connected to the Lifebrain meeting. There were great lecturers with a great turn out at the Lifebrain public lecture on "Healthy ageing".

Brain of a 19 year old and an 86 year old, presented by Sophia Borgheest, MRC CBU

Though the brain definitely shrinks with age, the so called cognitive reserve helps your brain better cope with any declines it faces by ageing. Never stop learning, eat healthy, move, stay socially connected, but most importantly, enjoy life for a healthy ageing! - some advice from Professor Fiona Matthews, Newcastle University, key lecturer of the event.

Professor Fiona Matthews presenting on Healthy ageing

A summary of the talks will shortly follow here.

Lifebrain researchers took the chance and tested the questions of the coming Global Brain Health Survey with the audience. We got very valuable comments, for which we are highly grateful.

Testing the questions of the first Global Brain Health survey with the audience

See also our short photo report on the public lecture at Facebook.

The project meeting was followed by the showcase of the Cambridge cohorts, 27th March.  

Rogier Kievit introducing the Cambridge cohorts

Thanks for the great contributions to all!

See you in Berlin, November 2019, at the Lifebrain/Silver Sante Study and Germain Brain Council joint conference on "Brain health across the lifespan".

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