Lifebrain consortium meeting in Oslo

The Lifebrain consortium met in Oslo to discuss the next steps for harmonizing and analysing the 11 Lifebrain studies. The University of Oslo, as a coordinator invited all project partners to this three and a half-day-meeting to Voksenkollen to review the project activities done so far and plan for the coming months.


Source: Andreas Brandmaier

The amazingly cooperative atmosphere has created a stimulating, positive work environment which is a key to future progress in the project. Some methodological and analytical novelties are already on their way. The Advisory Board of Lifebrain has been impressed by the progress made since the last project meeting, in particular by the timely reported deliverables. 

The beautiful nature around Holmenkollen helped us to concentrate better on our tasks and regenerate after the long meeting hours.

Source: Andreas Brandmaier 

Just as during our last meeting in Barcelona, we had two public events connected to the Lifebrain meeting.

Brain research is a hot topic currently in Oslo: 160 people were queuing up at the second edition of the "Your brain is your life"-Lifebrain public lectures series in Oslo, Litteraturhuset, 6th June evening to learn more about brain health.

Source: Unni Hagelund Harsten

Kristine Beate Walhovd, Professor, Centre for Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition, Coordinator of the Lifebrain project discussed why is it important to take care of our brain all along the lifespan. 

Source: Unni Hagelund Harsten

Sana Suri, Post-doc researcher, University of Oxford/Lifebrain project discussed the opportunities and challenges an aging population may bring, how risk factors including high blood pressure can accelerate brain aging, and how physical activity can help promote healthy brain aging.

Source: Unni Hagelund Harsten

At the second Lifebrain stakeholder workshop 17 Lifebrain researchers and 27 stakeholders-representatives of patient organizations with an interest in cognitive and mental health, clinicians and researchers working in the field of brain health, representatives from medical associations, and policymakers gathered to investigate opportunities and challenges with respect to promoting brain health across the lifespan. 

Source: Sandra Duzel

We have received valuable feedbacks, questions and new perspectives to finetune our activities for the involvement of society in the Lifebrain research. See our photo report on facebook.

Stakeholder workshops such as this one in Oslo help us to get the Lifebrain results translated to public policies.

In general, the stakeholders expressed great interest in the lifespan perspective of Lifebrain and participating in its future activities.

Thanks for the great contributions to all!

See you in Amsterdam in March 2019 and at the Lifebrain conference in Berlin, November 2019!

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Published June 12, 2018 2:32 PM - Last modified June 13, 2018 3:53 PM